" Growing up in a third world country isn't as easy as it is perceived. As an individual it's my responsibility to serve my motherland and support my fellow countrymen. "

Shuja Ul Haq


" Being the reason for someone's comfort and helping those in need gives you unparalleled satisfaction and achieving that peace of mind is what I thrive for with our organization. "

Ibrahim Ikram


" I don't want to live in a kind of world where we don't show compassion for humanity. Now I can't change the way anyone else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can surely do my bit. "

Hashim Malik


Thrive to work solely for serving the humanity, by any means possible. Put full dedication towards every task and work without discrimination to achieve the approval of God, opposed to gaining any personal benefits

Ever since our inception in 2013, Ujala E Pakistan has helped thousands of individuals by catering to their specific needs.