Our portfolio includes: Arranging grand Iftars, Managing an orphanage, Supplying means of marriage to sisters & distributuion of ration to needy families, alongside medical and financial aid.

The foundation of our entire system lies upon versatility. Due to an enthusiastic group of individuals, the organization never shy's from a challenge. Year after year we adapt and try to push our activities to the next level.

January 2019

Two years of collaboration with 'Bachon Ka Ghar

Marks two years of our parternship with 'Bachon ka Ghar, with increased monthly funding to accommodate their requirements.

March 2019

Three years of covering educational expenses for children

A father of 4 female children, was provided monthly funds in continuity, to cover their educational expenses.

May - June 2019

7th year of setting up Iftar Dastarkhuwa'n

Due to our daily setup during the Holy month for last 7 years, it leads to an ever so increasing crowd at 22 Number Chungi, Rawalpindi.

June 1 2019

Financial relief for Kidney Dialysis procedure

Provided aid to a colleague's mother, requiring a recurring kidney dialysis procedure.

August 1 2019

Collaboration with Fareeza School

Started our collaboration with Fareeza School, which provides free education to underpriviledged children. Currently financing the monthly wage of a school teacher.

September 23 2019

Ujala-e-Pakistan gets registered

With immense pleasure we announce that we have officially received our registration license. Team Ujala e Pakistan thanks all of you for supporting us through all these years and we look forward to many more years of service InshAllah.

December 19 2019

Financial relief for a kidney patient

Provided relief for a kidney patient awaiting transplant from CMH Rawalpindi.

January 2018

A year of collaboration with 'Bachon Ka Ghar'

Continued parternship with 'Bachon ka Ghar' to provide monthly operating funds. Also arranged several outings for the children residing there.

March 21 2018

Donation drive for a child suffering from Blood Cell Cancer

Azaan Butt, a toddler, fighting 'Blood Cell Cancer' at CMH Peads Oncology Ward, was provided relief for treatment with the help of several generous donors.

May 2018

6 years of arranging Iftar Dastarkhuwa'n

Marks the 5th year of setting up daily iftars for people at 22 Number Chungi, with the arrangements and volunteers increasing in number.

June 26 2018

Financial relief for a cancer patient

An anonymous child suffering from early stages of cancer needed funds for a set of injections, which amounted to a hefty amount. We published the case and the collected funds were provided to the family.

July - August 2018

Ujala-e-Pakistan's Tree Plantation Campaign

Overseeing the environmental degradation over the last decades, we set out to make a substantial impact through a wave of tree plantation drives across the twin cities. The entire campaign consisted of the following drives:

  • • Started the plantation drive with DHA Islamabad authorities to plant several dozen trees across the sector.
  • • Plantation of 300 tress alongside Margalla Road, Islamabad in collaboration with CDA.
  • • A large scale plantation drive of 600 trees near the Morgah Attock Refinery.
  • • Plantation at Government College for Boys Rawalpindi, consisting of 100 trees.
  • • A total of 150 trees planted during the drive at Waqar un Nisa College.
  • • 200 trees were planted across several areas in Islamabad in collaboration with CDA.

September 27 2018

Financial relief for medical procedure

Khurram Shahzad, a 33 years old laboure from Taxila, was provided financial help for the procedure of angiography in PIMS hospital Islamabad.

November 15 2018

Financial relief for a new born suffering with heart complications

Anonymous parents were helped in the surgery of their new born, suffering with heart complications.

January 2017

Collaboration with 'Bachon Ka Ghar'

Looking at the grave situation of their current location, we decide to permanently finance the rent of a well furnished house in Pakistan Town, for the 35 orphans, all below age 10, residing there.

March 8 2017

New initiative with 'Sha'or Society'

Every sunday, Daighs are distributed to a backward community in the rural regions of Rawalpindi.

March 30 2017

Our coverage of complete educational expenses for children continues

For more than a year and continuing, we are constantly supporting 5 bright students continuing their studies in prestigious institutions i.e 'Allied School'.

June 25 2017

Another year, another massive arrangement of Iftar Dastarkhuwa'n throughout entire Ramadan

Due to our constant work during the Holy month for 4 years straight, this year leads to ever so increasing crowd at 22 Number Chungi, Rawalpindi.

August 22 2017

Funds collection for ear surgery

An young girl suffering from hearing loss was provided relief for her ear treatment surgeries through a fund collection drive.

December 22 2017

Setup for a sole family earner.

An man struggling to make ends meet for his family due to lack of job, was arranged a small setup consisting of a push cart and initial stock to provide a consistent stream of income.

May 1 2016

Financed brain treatment for a teenager

Shamsher Malik developed severe damage to his organ due to an infection and went through coma for several days. Ujala-e-Pakistan gathered around 2 lac for his treatment.

June 7 2016

Keeping the tradition, another year of arranging Iftar's throughout the month

Fixed our arrangements to a single location, namely 22 Number, which helped us in arranging Iftar's for the complete month catering more than 300+ people daily.

June 12 2016

Ramadan campaign to provide ration packs to families

15 families are provided with extensive food utilities that covers more than a month's needs, worth Rs.5500

August 9 2016

Donations collected for 'stent' surgery of a female

A family surviving from paycheck to paycheck was helped in the surgery of their daughter, from 'Hearts International Hospital'

December 7 2016

Donations issued to an individual for travelling abroad to support his family

Rovaif Babar's parents both suffered from illnesses. In order to support his mother and sister's education, he found a job abroad, and his travelling costs were covered.

December 10 2016

Donations issued to female for kickstarting her business

Abandoned by her family after her father's death and her husband fleeing with along her belongings, a single mother is helped in starting her own painting and crafts business to support herself and her daughter.

May 30 2015

Financial aid for another wedding arrangement

Helped another sister relieve economic stress by covering her expenditures for a humble wedding arrangement.

June 20 2015

3rd consecutive year of arranging Iftar's and 1st year arranging all 29

Fixed our arrangements to a single location, namely 22 Number, which helped us in arranging Iftar's for the complete month catering more than 300+ people daily.

June 22 2015

Helped a patient suffering from life threatening disease

A sister of a colleague suffering from last stage of Hepatitis C was aided by covering her medical expenses.

October 27 2015

Chitral Earthquake Relief Program

Initiated the program to aid numerous families in the region and provided several families with warm clothes, food items alongside aiding in the reconstruction of a mosque.

November 21 2015

Helped a bright student complete his L.L.B Honors

Due to unfortunate financial circumstances, a student was aided in continuing his studies.

May 26 2014

Provided arrangements for an unfortunate sister's wedding

Arranged complete arrangements and materials required for a humble wedding including basic clothes, jewellery, furniture and food items.

June 30 2014

Campaign initiated to provide ration packs to families

20+ families are provided with extensive food utilities that covers more than a month's needs.

July 2 2014

Initiated second year of Ramadan Dastarkhua'n

Starting from Chakri Road, we covered areas such as Scheme 3, Gharebabad and 22 Number. A total of 21 Grand Iftars are arranged this month.

July 29 2014

Eid's first day at SOS Village

Held an event with the children of SOS Village Sawan Campus, providing them with Eid gifts, recreational activities and this time a movie screening to lift their moods.

September 10 2014

Ujala-E-Pakistan's Flood Relief Program

People lost their homes, source of income and are desperately in need of help due to recent floods. Completed a successful campaign by transporting large amounts of clothes, food items and medicines across Jhang District with collaboration of 'Sha'or Society' to aid more than 600 families.

July 15 2013

Our first project is to arrange Iftar for hundreds of people in Ramadan

We arranged the first Iftar at Chakri Road, Rawalpindi for around 300 people. Due to the overwhelming response, we later held Iftar arrangements at Chakri Road, Scheme 3 and Masriyal Road all located in Rawalpindi region, spread throughout the month.

August 9 2013

Eid's first day at SOS Village

Held an event with the children of SOS Village Sawan Campus, providing them with Eid gifts and recreational activities lift their moods.

September 28 2013

Balochistan Earthquake Relief Program

Initiated the program to aid the effectees in the region and provided several families with clothes, medicines and food items with cooperation from Pakistan Army.

December 10 2013

Financial aid to disease stricken family

Helped a traffic police officer in need whose father had passed away with a rare lung disease, to help the treatment of her sister suffering from the same calamity.